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No Flockin Lyrics – Kodak Black

    No Flockin is a popular rap song by Kodak Black from the album Heart of Projects. Check words to Kodak Black No Flockin Lyrics in English below.

    No Flockin Lyrics – Kodak Black 

    Damn, that’s so sad
    KKK, KKK

    Young nigga, I got old cash, spazzin’ on they ass
    I got Prada on my ho ass, got my last one mad
    Pop a nigga like a damn tag, shoppin’ on they ass
    I just bought a new old Jag, yeah, it’s so fast
    Smokin’ flocka, you a jackass, all I smoke is gas
    Don’t you ask me where the pole at, where yo’ clothes at?
    I ain’t talkin’ ’bout my niggas, dammit, but y’all trippin’, too
    Is it you? Damn, my nigga, what the hell got into you?
    Project Baby, y’all was skippin’ in the hallway, I was skippin’ school
    On my Ps and Qs, on them jiggas, call me jiggaboo
    Bleedin’ concrete, bet you niggas won’t come ‘cross the street
    Pardon me, I don’t talk to you so don’t you talk to me
    I ain’t dissin’ on nobody, B, I’m vibin’ on the beat
    Honestly, I’m just tryna be, I just gotta be
    Tryin’ to get over on anything, they tellin’ lies to me
    I spent five on my pinky ring, she love my diamond ring
    Anyway, I’m married to the game, she said her vows to me
    I ain’t gettin’ on my knees, bae, you bow down to me
    You go down for me, you lay down and do the time for me
    Sorry, boo, yeah, I lied to you, but don’t you lie to me
    It’s Lil Kodak, the finesse kid, boy, who hot as me?
    Told the doctor I’m a healthy kid, I smoke broccoli
    I will run around your whole board like Monopoly
    Ol’ boy, you’s a broke boy, flocka’s got you beat
    Chocolate, call me Reese’s, can’t catch me without the piece
    C’est la vie, I’m ten toes down, you fallin’ off your feet
    I will trick yo ass for a treat, call it Halloween
    Yeah, that money’s what I play fo’, call it lottery
    Goddamn, you’s a clown to me, you’s a clown to me
    You can’t smoke no Black & Milds with me, get in the car with me
    You a funny guy, don’t you even joke around with me
    How could it be? Get from ’round a G, you grounded from me
    I’m a freeband junkie, you a junkie
    You gettin’ skinny, I’m gettin’ chunky, gettin’ money
    Want some food? Boy, you hungry, I want them hundreds


    Writer(s): Kodak Black, Kevin Gates

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